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The Basilisk

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The perfect gift box for the Swiss lover anywhere, with 200g of premium dark Swiss chocolate with crunchy cocoa nibs. Certified Organic and Fairtrade, our chocolate is richly flavored, smooth, and delicious. Each sturdy and reusable box has our Legendary artwork on the cover, and includes one VARSY’S Legendary Postcard in English or German inside.

Our premium chocolate contains only natural, unrefined cane sugars, with no preservatives, GMO’s, coloring agents or emulsifiers. The cocoa nibs provide a nutty crunch that will leave you wanting more.

Best before 2018.12.31

There’s no better way to treat yourself or someone you know than with a gift of Swiss Chocolate. More than just a sweet treat, our Legendary Chocolate is a gift with meaning, celebrating stories from Swiss cultural heritage while providing rich chocolate indulgence.

Each durable and reusable box showcases one legend’s artwork on the cover, and inside you’ll find 200g of premium, dark Swiss chocolate with crunchy cocoa nibs. Our chocolate is certified Fairtrade and Organic, with no refined sugars or GMO’s, so you can be sure it’s healthy and sustainable, as well as being socially responsible.

In each box you’ll find one Legendary Postcard in your choice of English or German, which contains the full text of your chosen legend. Our Legendary Postcards are printed on sustainably-sourced, FSC-certified paper.

Box dimensions: 183 x 183 x 25 mm
Postcard dimensions: 146 x 146 mm
Contains 2 bars of rich Swiss chocolate, 200g total
Total package weight approximately 400g
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Our legendary chocolate contains only cane sugars SYRAMENA® and SUCANAT® and is therefore free from nutrient-void white sugar. It also contains no preservatives or coloring agents. Our rich and creamy chocolate does not use any emulsifiers such as lecithin and instead use an extra amount of cocoa butter. That way the chocolate definitely stays GMO-free and additionally gets a better taste.


The cocoa beans for our premium Swiss organic chocolate originates from our Fairtrade project in Peru. We work without the use of child or forced labor, and our direct and transparent connections from the small farmers to the customer guarantee the traceability of all production steps. Our cocoa is certified FAIRTRADE by Max Havelaar.

All of our ingredients are from organic farming sources.

Our postcard materials are responsibly sourced to make sure that the paper we use is sustainable. We want to make sure that our planet is healthy for the future generations to enjoy, and our papers are both FSC and PEFC certified.


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