Our collectable, perfect-bound notebooks are just right for composing your next great idea, or keeping a diary of your journeys across Switzerland.


Basel Notebook

The Basilisk

CHF 9.90

Bern notebook

Origin of the City’s Name

CHF 9.90

Geneva notebook

The Miracle Ship

CHF 9.90

Luzern notebook

The Three Liberators

CHF 9.90

Zurich notebook

The Shining Stag

CHF 9.90

Switzerland notebook

The Great Oath on the Rütli

CHF 9.90

Interlaken notebook

The Hardermannli

CHF 9.90

Lugano notebook

The Ascent of the San Salvatore

CHF 9.90

Montreux notebook

Le Château Chillon

CHF 9.90

St. Moritz notebook

The Languages of Graubünden

CHF 9.90

William Tell notebook

The Master Marksman

CHF 9.90

Zermatt notebook

The Giant Gargantua

CHF 9.90

“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.”

Joseph Campbel