Press Release 2018-12-17

Reviving the Legends and Myths of Switzerland

VARSY’S: Celebrating the love for the country with innovative ideas

Lucerne, 27th September 2018. VARSY’S, the first cultural enterprise entirely devoted to rediscovering and preserving the often centuries old legends of Switzerland, has started off successfully: using vivid storytelling and passionate craftsmanship, VARSY’S is breathing new life into the old myths and legends. From now on, everyone is able to get to know, to rediscover and to give away Swiss culture and history in a playful manner – for example with the Legend Boxes full of remarkably illustrated wooden cubes, an inspiring coloring book, a calendar, beautiful Christmas tree decorations, or delicious Swiss chocolate.


VARSY’S is taking a fresh look at the country’s myths and legends: with its eco-friendly and sustainable products entirely made in Switzerland, the young Swiss company not only offers an easy and playful access to the classical myths. Because they are so easy to share and give away as presents, they also help keeping the legends alive and making the highly traditional Swiss culture well-known all around the world – following the company’s motto: Love For Switzerland.


„Switzerland is much more than just mountains, banks, and watches. The country is full of legends and myths telling us stories of our ancestors, illustrating their fears, their dreams, and their nostalgic love to our country“, says the startup’s eponymous founder and CEO Varsy Buchmann. „All these wonderful stories that buildings, statues or monuments reveal – this is our culture, these are our roots. These stories should not be forgotten, but rather be preserved and made accessible for future generations.“ Inspired by this tradtion, Buchmann got passionate about and dedicated to the legendary tales of her new homeland.


Diligently researching libraries and municipal archives, the entrepeneur found or rediscovered many Swiss legends. All tales and products are available in English and German. French and Italian versions will be added soon. Additionally, VARSY’S is getting many inquiries from all around the world, like the U.S., China and Japan. Looking at this growing community, Varsy Buchmann feels confirmed in pursuing her mission: „We’d never be satisfied by just putting innovative Swiss products on the shelves. We are romantic idealists with an unlimited love for Switzerland and its tales which we want to tell the whole world.“ So far, 12 stories from 12 Swiss towns have been published, they are also available at the website



Love for Switzerland: VARSY´S is the first cultural enterprise devoted entirely to the myths and legends of Switzerland. Its mission is to make these stories accessible to an international audience and promote Swiss culture worldwide. By creating playful and multilingual products like Legendbox puzzles, coloring books and postcards, the company enables Switzerland-lovers everywhere to show and share their affinity with the country. VARSY’S was founded in 2018 by Varsy Buchmann, a Swiss citizen. The project has been selected for the 2018 O-Trends Design Showcase and won the prestigious 2018 GOOD DESIGN® Award.